Red Moon Oracle by Miranda Gray, illustrated by Julia Larotonda
"This deck of cards is an invitation to all women to remember their divine femininity, to help them to reconnect while living in this busy masculine world and to restore the sacredness of the creative power of the goddess into their life."

Red Moon Oracle by Miranda Gray


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Red Moon - the Oracle

Messages from the Sacred Feminine within you

Design and text by Miranda Gray
Artwork by Julia Larotonda

This beautiful set of 41 cards and guidebook explores the deep healing, completing and empowering energies of the Cyclic Goddess.

Through this oracle She brings you guidance and wisdom, connecting you to the four goddesses so that you may realise your power and spiritual beauty as a woman and share these gifts with the world to create greater peace and love.

The accompanying book guides you through working with the cards for everyday help and support, for healing and balancing your cycle, and for living your life in harmony with the four goddesses. Meditating in your Womb Temple, creating your Womb Altar, and giving voice to the beautiful Archetype Affirmations all help to bring the teachings of the Cyclic Goddess into your life.

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Red Moon Oracle cards - text and design by Miranda Gray, artwork by Julia Larotonda

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Red Moon - the Oracle is currently available in English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian Editions.

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